About Me

My Fam!

Welcome to Zest & Aplomb, a lifestyle and well-being blog for anyone looking to live life to its fullest at any age. Our goal is to bring fun, informative content that will hopefully inspire a healthy, creative and adventurous life. And we hope that you will share your adventures and wisdom with us as well.

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband.  We’ve raised our three children and built a community of friends and family.  In my mind, I’m forever 30 – unless passing any mirror, anywhere which quickly dispels that myth. While living in the chaos and hustle of raising a family I never considered being middle-aged. Yet, here I am. It’s actually not that bad. 

Sure this age can bring health concerns but it also brings new opportunities and freedoms. There’s the feeling of what do I have to lose – besides my dignity and some sleep. It’s liberating to be old enough to just go for it, even if it’s just relaxing by the pool. Some things will work and others won’t but I’ve come to realize who’s really watching anyway. I mean seriously.

I’ve actually had too many jobs to list here. I’m not sure if that speaks to how many years I’ve worked or that once I’m closing in on mastery I’m ready to learn something new.  

Either way my recent endeavors are writing Zest & Aplomb and Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker. One explores our shared stories through profiles and research, the other uses math and contract negotiation – the latter of which are not my secret talents but are proving far more interesting that I expected. 

What they both have in common is getting to meet new, interesting people – one through shared experiences and the other by helping people get to next chapters.