About Me

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband. We’ve raised three children. I’ve worked a range of jobs and found joy in raising a family and building a supportive community of friends.

I’ve been a Mechanical Designer, Tech Salesperson, Substitute Teacher, and most recently Event Planner and Social Media Manager. 

I gravitate towards groups that meet regularly – workout, philanthropy, writing, painting, and reading. It makes it easy to spend time with likeminded people without having to do a lot of scheduling – which is not my secret talent. I’ve gained strength, support, and long-time friendships from the people in them.  

In my 30’s and 40’s, I largely defined myself by raising a family.  I wouldn’t change that. But as my family embraces their own paths it’s time for me to do other things as well. Things are not always as straight forward in middle age. That intense sense of purpose can give way to health issues, relationship changes, and a host of other challenges. Through this blog, I am seeking others that, for whatever reason, are not only looking to embrace this stage but live it with intention, adventure, humor, zest, and aplomb.