About Me

My Family

I live in Silicon Valley with my husband. We’ve raised three kids, one dog and a few cats.

While writing this, I realized, for the first time, that I don’t consider myself raised yet. Many people know who they are and are on a prescribed path. Whereas, I’m as likely to pivot, reverse or go sideways as I am to move forward.

In my mind, I’m forever 30 – unless passing any mirror anywhere, which quickly dispels that myth. But mentally, that’s where I land. So it’s been surprising to find myself middle-aged. And even more surprising: I like it. It’s less about reactive child-rearing and career-building (although there is still that), but it feels like an opportunity for reinvention. A chance to change direction a little as we head into the future.

One change for me is writing *Zest & Aplomb and working with other writers (like Gwen Dawkins). By exploring wellness, travel, relationships and creativity, we get to share ideas and learn from each other, and our readers, as we go.  

Thanks so much for joining us,

Cheryl Ryan, Realtor | Coldwell Banker #02101963

*zest – enthusiasm and energy *aplomb – self-confidence or assurance