Full On Cartwheeling Into Thanksgiving

By Cheryl Ryan

This year we won’t be having our typical large Thanksgiving family gathering. We’re heading to San Diego with just our immediate family and I’m planning a dinner on the beach. A girl can dream, can’t she? It is California and the weather can be good but also miserable. Since everything else is different this year I’m planning for either event with these recipes. If it’s at all warm we’re heading to the beach.

Thanksgiving recipes:

Buttermilk cornflake baked chicken

Apple herbed stuffing

Brussel sprouts, beets and goat cheese salad

Pumpkin Cupcakes

One thing I hope to throw in before the weather goes completely north is a drive-in movie. They’re making a comeback you know.

Fun snacks for either a drive-in movie or just a rainy day indoor movie might be some good old fashioned Rice Krispie treats or a bit of this trail mix popcorn.

The Crown is back starting November 15th and I’m so excited.  I went back to brush up on the final few episodes from last season. I forgot how much I love it and this season looks even better.

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