Some Morning Walks Are Just Better Than Others

By Cheryl Ryan

This morning I ran into Cheryl the Grandma who was taking care of Claire 3 and William 1 1/2.  Claire shared her failed attempts at kite flying but assured me that it will fly next time. And brother William shared a story without words but rather the practiced cadence of speech. Oh how I love that sweet baby language and how excited they get when you answer back.

Next, I had the good fortune to pass by a workout wheel in someone’s yard. I did my 15 jumping jacks but by the time I returned with my phone for a picture someone had spun it to 10 squats. I guess you’re supposed to spin it when you’re done for the next person. I am determined to make this for my house – calling anyone that can help me with woodworking, please. Hold me to this goal because it needs to happen!

Next time I go by this I’m setting it to Dance!

I’m starting my Christmas shopping in earnest. My family draws names now. We increased the dollar amount and just buy for one person each.  My daughter-in-law proposed using Elfster last year which, once everyone logs on, will randomly select who will be shopping for who. It works great, especially if you can’t get together before the holiday (or whatever other hurdles we have to deal with this year).

Here is my starting list of shopping ideas. But please share your ideas as you can see I’m a bit stumped in a few categories:

Stocking stuffers for adult children:

National parks pass – I like this because it encourages trips to our National Park System.

Either this reusable bowl cover or this wax bowl cover.

Recycled Bracelet that benefits ocean clean up. I was surprised at what a hit this was.  It’s a simple bracelet made from recycled ocean trash that also helps fund continued ocean clean up.  A win-win (this might also be great for older kids).

Things for grandkids: (I need help here. I’m new to this.)

I look forward to buying him a teepee when he’s older.

And how cute is this monogrammed luggage for play, travel or just storing all the stuff.

Some of the favorite gifts I’ve received this year:

Immersion Blender

This Revlon Hair Dryer from my daughter last Christmas has changed my hair drying life.

I love these white boots that my husband bought me for our anniversary.  

Gifts for husbands: (please help)

I’ve got nothing yet. He’s always the toughest for me to buy for.

And lastly…from last week’s post about doing something frivolous each day. A reader/friend sent me this great picture of styrofoam floating plates that you can eat from while taking a bath! If that’s not waggish (my new favorite word) I don’t know what is.


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  • Reply Denise Lucas November 21, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    Awesome!! Love your new project!

  • Reply Lorraine Gabbert November 24, 2020 at 3:20 am

    Enjoyable and informative! I can’t wait for more.

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