Oh Hello February

By Cheryl Ryan

Is it just me or did January fly by? Ready or not February and Valentine’s Day are here. 

My husband and I are not romantic Valentine’s Day planners. By the time we call, if we do at all, there are never reservations left. Do people call the year before?  But a few years ago I insisted that we do something like everybody else. We kept calling and finally found a newly created 4:30 PM seating at a great local restaurant. We booked it, got dressed up and made our way to the restaurant. They’d set everything up really nicely and pulled down all the shades to make it seem like evening but really it was just daytime with light leaking in all around the shades. It was awkward. We looked around the dining room full of like-minded late planners all looking sheepishly at expensive late afternoon menus wondering why we didn’t just go to the wine bar next door. Anyway, we’re back to doing something simple and Oprah has some ideas.

I do love these heart candy chocolates but if you want to be healthy for a bit longer this no butter fruit crumble is so delicious. I used blueberries, blackberries and apples. It was so yummy.

If you’re like us, you’re probably still spending more time at home in front of the TV than you’d like. This 2021 New Television debut list could be helpful.

We’ve been watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV. His character is a breath of fresh air sprinkled with heartwarming kindness.  Just what we needed. We’ve also been watching Away on Netflix which is not as upbeat but has good character development and a cool premise.  And I stumbled upon Jamie Oliver’s Quick and Easy cooking show on PBS.  He travels for food inspiration and his creations are gorgeous and really beautifully filmed.

Speaking of filming, I’m being mega targeted for an iPhone photography class at the discounted rate of 90 percent off. So I’ve been doing some research and I found this and that for some great easy iPhone photography tips.  

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