Indoor Plants Are Thriving

By Cheryl Ryan

Remember when macrame plant hangers were a thing? I bought my first plant, Devil’s Ivy, and hung it in the bedroom of my first apartment. My roommates and I all brought different varieties of Coleus plants that we put in our kitchen window and took turns watering. Whenever I moved, which was a lot in those days, I carefully packed up my plants and took them to each new apartment.

Years later, when we bought our first home, my Grandma gave us a beautiful ficus tree. She grew them in her outdoor covered patio and gave us one as a housewarming gift.  It thrived in our home for about 15 years and grew close to seven feet tall.  It must have been a very hearty plant because with three kids and all that goes with that I’m sure that my watering was sporadic at best and nonexistent at worst.  

One day a green cricket took up residence in our tree.  It used to love to sing in the evenings.  It was actually really cool and the kids were thrilled. So I left it there for about 3 months until one night it just didn’t sing anymore. I honestly can’t remember what happened to that tree.  I would not have given it away so it must have fell victim to my poor care.  And then we went plantless for many years.

Elephant Ear Plant

Fast forward to the latest indoor plant craze and I’m back in.  It’s taken a while to get used to watering regularly but it’s been fun.  There are a lot of cool plants out there.  My daughter-in-law is amazing at growing fiddle-leaf fig plants and her success has inspired me to give them a try. I’m also finding succulents to be exceptionally forgiving and can grow and flower in some really surprising ways. 

Are any of you joining the latest indoor plant fad? If you are please let us know which plants you’re finding. I’ve had good luck with the Peace Lily and here are some almost impossible to kill plants.

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