San Jose del Cabo’s Flora Farms –– Worth The Hype!

By Gwen Dawkins

With so much of our lives turned upside down by Covid, including travel, I was thrilled to get away recently to Los Cabos (A region of Baja, Mexico, which includes the nearby towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo). Despite being a native Californian, it was my first trip. I had been feeling left out over the years with everybody I know having a favorite hotel, restaurant or surf spot in the area. And of course, I wanted to see the famous El Arco –– the widely photographed rocky arch at Land’s End.

The Farm

One name I have been hearing about for years is Flora Farms, the organic working farm and its famous farm-to-table restaurant. In fact, when I interviewed Pam Shalhoob for Zest & Aplomb, she was about to leave for Los Cabos and Flora Farms.

A sampling of the gorgeous fruit and vegetable-infused cocktails at the Farm Bar.

Flora Farms is an amazing example of simple beauty, deliciousness, and experiential nirvana rolled into one. Founded in 1996 by ex-pat Californians Gloria and Patrick Greene, they developed Flora Farms slowly to provide organic produce to nearby hotels and resorts. Then, as one thing led to another, they opened their own restaurant at the farm; expanded to a nearby ranch to humanely raise pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens; began offering cooking classes; opened shops featuring work by local artisans; became a unique spa and event destination, and now even offer real estate opportunities on the farm.

A perfect evening goes something like this: 

  1. Procure a creative fruit and vegetable-infused cocktail from the Farm Bar. 
  2. Take the free Farm Tour of the gorgeous grounds with cocktail in hand. 
  3. Enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner of farm-raised meats and seasonal hand-tended heirloom vegetables and tropical fruits. Trust me, you can feel the love!
My own Backyard-Farm-to-Table cocktail experience — just me and my chickens

Wild Hibiscus Margarita Recipe

Ecstatically, I found a recipe for the exquisite, crimson libation I chose that night at Flora Farms: a Wild Hibiscus Margarita. After procuring dried hibiscus pedals online, I was set. The drink is easy to make, delightful to drink and made me nostalgic for Los Cabos. Try it –– it’s worth the hype!

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