Falling Hard For Fall Right Now

Fall is my favorite time of year. I especially like the beginning. The sun starts to get low in the sky which makes it less hot while casting beautiful shadows and lighting.

I also get to start thinking about soups and stews – my favorite thing to cook. I’m looking forward to trying a shepherd’s pie this year.  I’ve never made one but this one looks really good.

I love the family-themed Halloween costumes trend. My daughter asked me what they should be and I said a rooster, chicken and baby chick.  I thought it was cool but we’ll see what they end up doing. I also thought it would be fun if Gus could be a baby Yoda but I don’t know any of the other characters to go with it. Here are some ideas if you get asked so that you can seem cooler than me.

Dressing For Fall

As you may know, clothes shopping is drudgery for me but I’m hoping that we’re going to be more social this fall/winter season. And since I haven’t shopped for this season in two years, I need something new. I am a huge fan of a good shirt dress for casual wear. They are comfortable and usually fit loosely. You can wear it plain, belt it, or put a sweater over it to change the look. You can start with summer flats and graduate to boots in the winter. What’s not to love? Some clothes may have been purchased during the research of this post.

I don’t do ongoing porch styling throughout the year but I’m all about it in fall.  When the kids were little we displayed all of the pumpkins they’d selected and used cobwebs and bats to decorate with. I’m not going to say it looked good (they used a whole lot of cobweb stuff) but it was fun. Even though they’re decorating their own porches now I still love decorating mine. Here are a few ideas if you’re feeling the itch to decorate your too.  

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