Millennials at work

Working with Millennials

By Cheryl Ryan

Say what you will about millennials, and plenty of people do, I’ve loved working alongside them.  My millennial workmates were hardworking, energetic, and fun. 

I re-entered the workforce after taking a work break to stay home with my family. Initially, I was a bit unsure of myself. Working alongside my millennial counterparts in event planning didn’t allow time to hesitate though.  When tasked with something, they googled around, narrowed down the options, and made a decision.  

Were I to sit around my office deliberating for days they would’ve made three major moves and been actively implementing them – and did I mention their mad typing skills.  I loved watching them and learned the importance of decisive action.  There is so much information at our fingertips.  The key is to filter through it and move forward. 

If I’m honest, I’ve probably always been less confident about decision making but in today’s world while you are sitting around pondering the perfect choice the world will pass you by.  I’m really grateful I got a chance to work and learn from some of my favorite millennials and can only hope that they learned a little something from me as well.

What stereotypes don’t ring true for you? How and why did it change?

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