Finding Your community

By Cheryl Ryan

Good groups are hard to find but worth the effort.  I’ve gone to groups that I knew instantly weren’t for me (I’m sure the feeling was mutual) and I’ve gone to groups that were really hard to fit into but I knew I wanted to make the effort – I’m talking to you writer’s group. 

Groups offer an opportunity to chat about things we have in common while also learning about new things we don’t have in common. They can make a meeting with friends regularly easier because often there is a pre-scheduled meetup date.

When I worked full time, my job and co-workers were a big part of my community.  Sometimes that’s good but rarely was it completely satisfying. From knitting circles to exercise groups, I’ve been very glad that I’ve found the groups that suit me.  In many cases, the people I’ve met have become lifelong friendships even after the groups have disbanded.

If you’ve moved somewhere new you can start by searching groups in in your area.

What is your best community seeking story?  Do you have any other suggestions for finding a community?

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