Sometimes Half Is Better

By Cheryl Ryan

I have a terrible memory, ugh names. But sometimes random memories stick.  Like the time I sat next to an elegantly accessorized woman eating alone. I was uncharacteristically early, and while waiting for my lunch date she leaned towards me and said “Honey, let me tell you what I’ve learned.  As you age, eat whatever you want but only eat half.”

I’m not sure why she said this to me.  Perhaps she thought I needed to get started on this plan sooner rather than later but I smiled and said, “I’ll remember that.”  

Just then my lunch date arrived and I promptly forgot the entire exchange.  Or at least I thought I did.  Fast forward to the realization that if I eat three brownies (I love them so much) they will show up on my waistline before dinner. What the heck?

When this first started happening I felt sure that the cleaners were shrinking my clothes and that both of the bathroom scales broke at the exact same time. But with time I’ve come to accept that our metabolisms do slow down.  I’ve tried a range of tactics.  Some work.  Most don’t.  I would really just prefer to eat the way I always have but in the meantime, I appreciate that random memory and use her sage advice on the regular.

Do you have a chance-meeting memory?

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