Creating A Space You Love

By Cheryl Ryan

What makes a space special? Why do we linger in a cozy corner of a coffee shop or lounge on a sunny porch? What is it about a place that makes us feel calm and welcome while others make us uncomfortable and nervous. I want my home to feel welcoming. I want to walk into each room and stay awhile.

I work at it but it’s hard. We’ve been in our house for more than three years and it’s still not where I want it. Some people do it effortlessly, many of us do not.

I’m pretty good with colors – always putting emphasis on warmth.  I’m terrible at space planning and accessorizing.  When I think about what I want from my space I’ve learned that I want light, to see outside wherever possible, and to make guests feel welcome. Others may need to be surrounded by family photos or a well-worn chair. 

The easy part is to figure out what you want, the hard part is to get it? My best trick has been to rip out a magazine page of a room that I love and put it in the room I’m working on as inspiration.

This technique will usually inch me forward a bit. Then I stall but I don’t give up. I keep coming back to it.  Perhaps it’s the journey.  Increasingly, there are companies that offer reasonably priced online decorating services. If you are on a perpetual house/apartment decor journey here are a few ideas from around the web that offer decorating tools:

And who knew that West Elm, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn all provide free design service.

I would love to hear any decorating advice that you might be willing to share. 


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