Cheers To A Wonderful Thanksgiving!

By Cheryl Ryan

Some of my favorite holiday memories were gathering up the kids before guests arrived and heading out on a neighborhood treasure hunt for natural wonders to use for our table setting. Even simply nestling a sprig of rosemary into the folds of a napkin can bring such a sensory thrill of color, texture and smell. This year I’m planning to start this tradition with our grandson, Gus. He already loves to be outside, picks up everything he sees and puts it directly into his mouth which makes for a perfect time to show him how it’s done.

The Sides

Let’s face it the best thing about Thanksgiving dinner are the sides. So here are a few for you to check out. I’ve been making this salad for weeks and it’s so good and perfect for Thanksgiving because it’s actually better the next day if you need to do some pre-prep. 

Here is an idea for any other nights that you need to feed visiting guests and family. This one-pan chicken dish by @Caro Chambers sounds perfect. It’s basically shallots, pears, garlic and chicken all prepared in one pan.

And if you’re hungry and just need a little something-something for lunch or dinner I am loving sautéed cabbage. Who knew? It’s easier than making a salad and honestly delicious, warm and satisfying. 

Home Design

And if you have extra time for home design this Thanksgiving weekend I’ve run across these two very cool wall covering ideas that can give any room a custom look.

I actually ordered and received this pre-fab batten piece from Crate and Barrel. I saw something similar in a beautifully decorated open house and was so excited when I found it available for retail purchase. It didn’t work out in the location I needed (but the good thing about Crate and Barrel is that you can return it) but I still think it is such a cool look. It’s very well made and is such a unique design feature for a wall that calls for something other than art.

And I recently saw a blogger using these wainscoting pieces meant to emulate prewar style for renters.  They are easy to install, don’t destroy a wall and you don’t have to hire a custom carpenter. I haven’t seen these live and in person yet but am planning to give this a try in my downstairs bathroom.  It’s never quite worked for me. I can do this myself and easily remove it if I don’t love it. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Wishing you and your family an enjoyable Thanksgiving!

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