Raising Eyebrows: From Shape to Tint

By Cheryl Ryan

I haven’t thought about my eyebrows in years. When I was young I had a pretty intense unibrow which took years to eradicate. Since then I’ve plucked them occasionally and went on my merry way.

Recently, I stopped to pick up some eye cream from a local store, the salesgirl asked me if I would like her to take a look at my eyebrows.  I must have looked offended because she qualified with “We’re having an eyebrow event today to share new products with our customers.”  I had an extra 15 minutes and said sure.   

The difference was good.  I liked it. I continued to do exactly as she showed me until I used up all of that original purchase, and since my beauty default is lazy, I simply started using an unused hue of brown eye shadow to fill in my brows. It doesn’t look very good. 

Since then, I’ve become more aware of people’s eyebrows and realize that eyebrow fashion has definitely moved on without me. So I decided to Google eyebrow style 2020.  Wow, there are a lot of eyebrow tutorials out there.  I’m impressed by the candor of these youtube sharers and the broad range of concerns they include in their videos, from nontoxic makeups to less expensive alternatives and everything in between. This one is pretty good at teaching techniques and presenting products.  Here is another that talks a bit about eyebrow grooming.

So I ordered some of the products and have given it a try. To be honest, using that first tutorial, I felt a lot like Groucho Marx. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been cruising with the natural look for so long or maybe it’s that going all-in on bold just isn’t my style. But I am using some of the techniques, albeit with a much lighter hand. Who knows, maybe I’ll get bolder over time or just stick where I’m at but it has been fun recognizing and trying out some of the current eyebrow looks.

If you have any beauty tips you’d like to share, we would love to hear them!

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