October Weekend Roundup

By Cheryl Ryan

As we roll into Halloween weekend things look different this year.  Whether you’re attempting trick or treating, dressing up or just hanging at home you might like to revisit Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘I Ate All Your Halloween Candy’ challenge. I just love sneaky mom but this one is pretty cute too!

My husband and I don’t often watch the same TV.  He tends towards, what I call, ‘death and mayhem” but is actually action. I’m more reality tv, documentaries, rom coms or comedies. But we’ve both been drawn to watching the first three seasons of Peaky Blinders which has plenty of violence but the music, characters (a handsome lead helps), and early 1900’s setting has drawn us both in – but use closed captions for the accents or you won’t understand a thing they’re saying. 

Also the Melinda Gates interview on David Lettermen’s: My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix is really inspiring.

And I’m making this slow cooked chicken chili recipe with cornbread today. Yum!!

Happy All Saints Day!

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