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First Summer Post Of 2021 — and I Couldn’t Be Happier

By Cheryl Ryan

Live concerts and comedy events are back and they are filling up fast. 

I’m checking out these long hair summer styles because if you’re like me it might be longer than usual (although I do have an appointment on the books so we’ll see). Or for those of you that are already getting regular haircuts here are some sassy short hairdos.

Are you looking for some beautiful front porches?  I love the rug under a doormat look and will definitely be copying it along with using some of these other great ideas.

Summer Gardens

How’s your garden growing?  I’m trying a new method. Since my raised beds were built with treated, toxin leaching redwood I’m trying the no-till method this year.  The hard part is that you have to get low to the ground (which isn’t as easy as it used to be). But I’m using a stool and loving working directly with the earth and enhancing the dirt health in my yard.  We started by removing all the clumped hard soil. Then we added compost and manure. I created mounded rows and covered the new growth with dry leaves from the winter. It’s meant to keep the soil moist longer since, unfortunately, it’s a California drought year. I know I’ve mentioned this movie before but can’t help thinking about it and feeling encouraged while working to create better long-term garden health in a region that doesn’t receive as much rain. 

Speaking of compost; I’m still working on this. As of now, I’ve got a bowl with discarded produce sitting on the counter (which little gnat visitors seem to be enjoying immensely) and a pile of dry leaves in the yard.  I’ll let you know how this unfolds but my goal is not to buy bags of compost or fertilizer but to use stuff we already have. And who says you have to have a big yard to compost? Even if you are gardening on a deck there are ways to utilize our waste to nourish any garden, no matter the size.

Cheers to enjoying every delicious outdoor moment of early summer. I know I am.

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