Pam Shalhoob

Pam Shalhoob –– relishing Good Vibes, Strong Relationships and Self Care!

By Gwen Dawkins

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s as I did, the long-legged, blond, California surfer girl was ‘the ultimate.’ Girls wanted to be her; guys wanted to date her. At 59, Pam Shalhoob still embodies this proverbial California dream. Here, the wave-seeking esthetician-turned realtor shares a bit about her loves, philosophy and growth mindset –– take note, it’s working!

Good Vibes

OK, based on photographic evidence, you look almost the same as you did in high school! How do you do it?

Ah, thank you! I try to stay active and eat well. I’m disciplined about eating nutritious food –– it’s easy for me to refrain from chips and cookies, etc. But I’m sure a lot of it’s genetic. My sisters look amazing. Plus, on the emotional side, my family life is great. My brother, sisters and I still like hanging out with each other and our families. We’re a bit spread out between Santa Barbara, Maui, and Bend, Oregon, but we have great relationships and enjoy spending time together. I also believe in staying positive. My mom was never afraid to tell people how old she was, and I feel the same way.

How do you describe your style?

Casual! I love the Santa Barbara lifestyle, which is pretty relaxed most of the time. When I’m doing facials, I’m wearing jeans and t-shirts. When I’m working real estate, I wear dressier clothes but they are still on the casual side –– I’m not a suit girl.

Self Care

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Take care of yourself! I give back to myself before I give to anybody else. I still make fun a priority — which I think translates to how you look and feel. In my mind, I still think I’m in my late 20s/early 30s. My friends from high school are still my best friends. We all feel that way. We all get together regularly, being silly, acting stupid and having fun.

Getting together regularly with friends

What’s your morning routine like?

I work out at 6:45 a.m. most mornings. I had become a CorePower devotee –– I love heated yoga. But after Covid hit and gyms closed down, we built a home gym on our deck. I actually really love it. It’s just 20 feet out my back door and I have everything I need: a Peloton*, a yoga mat, a weight room and beautiful ocean views. It’s really great and saves me a lot of time working out at home. After that, I shower. I barely do my hair. I’m very quick –– I can be totally ready in 20 minutes. I slap stuff on my face, then eat a light breakfast or grab a couple of apples and go to work.

As a skincare pro, what are some of your favorite products? 

Honestly, I’ve been using the same products for 20 years. I know what works for me. The first thing I put on my skin is Epicuren Discovery Protein Mist Enzyme Toner. I LOVE the smell. I also love Cell Renewal Systems Carrot Oil. My clients and I are addicted to it! It’s reasonably priced, super hydrating, and nourishes with Vitamins A, C, and E. 

I also use Epicuren Discovery Colostrum Luminous Glow Cream, which is an excellent balancing moisturizer. After a bath or shower, I smooth on Epicuren Discovery French Lavender After Bath Moisturizer. It’s really awesome and smells lovely. I also slather Goē Oil everywhere. It’s an all-over body oil containing 28 plant, fruit and flower oils and butters. Men like it too! More recently, I discovered Silicon Scar Strips, which used daily for several weeks, can help reduce the look of new and old scars. I have also been supplementing with Hair, Skin & Nails for years as well –– I really think it makes a difference.

Do you have any nightly rituals?

I do the same exact skincare routine morning and night. In the evening, I’ll apply Revitalash, which works great. I might use a facial mask or spend a little extra time on my skin.

“Take care of yourself. I give back to myself before I give to anybody else.”

Any special treatments?

I recently had some IPL treatments, which are my favorite treatment for removing spots on my face, neck and chest. Ideally, I try to do it once a year –– fall and winter are the best times to do it when you’re not in the sun as much. Recently, I’ve become very interested in trying a Vampire Facial, which involves isolating platelets from your own blood, spinning it, putting ozone into it and applying it onto your face after micro-needling. It’s pretty plumping for the skin.

Pam and Jerry

How do you wind down at night?

During Covid, my husband Jerry and I really got into making dinner. We used to eat out a lot. But we’re really enjoying cooking together, sitting down and having a nice little dinner and a movie. We really don’t see each other during the day, so dinner together is a simple pleasure.

How have your views about beauty changed over the years?

Most recently, in my 50s, I really started noticing the changes. But I’m not going to do anything drastic. No facelift for me! So, I’m researching alternative treatments to firm and tone the skin. As an esthetician, I’ve talked to a lot of women who feel pressure to not only ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and take radical steps to retain a youthful appearance. Aging is inevitable. In my mind, natural-looking women of any age are beautiful.

Growth Mindset

What do you do for fun?

Jerry and I are both into water sports. As a matter of fact, I’m about to leave on a surf trip to San Jose del Cabo –– I can’t wait to get into the water. I also kiteboard. Jerry, who just turned 79, is the ‘Pied Piper’ to all his friends –– always in the water with all of the toys: kiteboarding, standup paddleboarding, and hydrofoil surfing. In addition to surfing and kiteboarding, I like walking and hiking while listening to audiobooks. And we both love to travel –– Tahiti, Puerto Rico, and Fiji have been some of our favorite destinations.

Tell me about your recent marriage to your longtime love Jerry.

We’ve been together forever and had occasionally talked about getting married. I’ve never been that girl who pictured herself walking down the aisle. It wasn’t that important to either of us. But after our 25th anniversary, we both became more serious about it. We decided to marry on our 27th anniversary, had a plan and location, but then got shut down by Covid. When the city offices opened up again (in an outside tent), we went down there to get our marriage license; and the clerk literally handed it to us at the end of a 10-foot-pole. Ultimately, we changed our plans to a small wedding of just eight people in our backyard. We had brunch and then went surfing. It was right for us and very special. I surprised myself again by going traditional and changing my name. Jerry was excited, asking, “Doesn’t this feel different?”

My skincare business has given me an amazing lifestyle

What’s next for you?

I’ve been doing skincare for 25 years and started my real estate career four years ago. I like to work and be productive. I will always work. I’m getting ready to sell my skincare business. It’s given me the most amazing lifestyle, and my clients have become my friends. But now it’s time for my next chapter.

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