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Listen Up: Podcast Power

By Cheryl Ryan

Getting lost in a podcast got me through some of my toughest runs and first marathon training, but since I’ve quit running I’ve lost that habit.  I used to subscribe to This American Life which reported on real-life Americans in some of the craziest situations. The stories are told radio-style by way of interviews and first-person recollections. Many of the stories prove that real life can definitely be stranger than fiction.

Recently, my daughters have been listening to and talking about the Dolly Parton’s America podcast.  I figured what better time than a shelter-in-place order, during a worldwide pandemic, to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. While taking my SIP walks I listened and was transported through the decades of her life. It was just the diversion I needed and sometimes I didn’t want my walk to end.  Dolly is unique in her ability to cross generations, continents, and political divisions.  

I recommend it and am looking forward to my next entertaining podcast distraction.  I’m so glad to pick up this old habit again. Check out this list and this one too of entertaining and/or educational best 2020 podcasts from around the web. 

Let me know if you’ve listened to any podcasts worth a share.

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