summer recipes

Summer’s Here

By Cheryl Ryan

summer recipes
It’s Summertime

It’s taking longer than usual for me to transition from the winter comfort food of COVID 19 to fresh summer recipes.  But last week I made Panzanella, last summer’s crowd-pleaser, and now I’m all about summer eating.  Here are a few favorites I’ve found around the web. 

I’m a huge Smitten Kitchen fan and here are some summer recipes for you.

My son in law is an extraordinary cook.  He recently whipped up a spectacular dinner that included this corn salad minus the chili and sour cream (but would probably be spectacular with these ingredients) and these roasted peppers.  We used peppers other than shishitos and they were amazing too.

I ordered these Chuck Taylors and a few dresses online in May. I really could have used more clothes but I thought we would all be in stores by now.  Sadly, it looks like we’ll still be mainly shopping online through fall and winter this year. So please share your go-to online clothes stores.

I’ve been reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle and American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins but would love for you to share any and all reads you’ve been enjoying.

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