Mother Earth; I’m On it

By Cheryl Ryan

I know I need to reduce my plastic use, it’s been gnawing at me for some time. But taking the actual steps are easier said than done. I now store leftovers in washable bowls with covers rather than always using ziplock bags. I’m finally remembering to bring reusable bags to the grocery store  – but still need to get breathable mesh bags for produce. I’m religious about using my reusable coffee mugs and water containers (props to my kids for buying them for me).  Yet, I still haven’t found any sustainable way to marinate meat anywhere near as good as using a ziplock bag. 

But I am excited about a recent find. After several missteps, I’ve finally found a good plastic wrap alternative.  It’s a beeswax reusable wrapper.  The wax allows you to mold it nicely on top of bowls. You can use it to wrap sandwiches or small items, it’s washable in cool water with mild soap, and they’re really easy to store.  They even come in pretty designs to jazz up your fridge. This is an item that will absolutely find it’s way into my kids’ stockings this year! 

My goal for the summer is to set up a composter that might reduce my plastic garbage bag use while creating a lovely soil amendment for my garden.  I’ve tried this once before and it didn’t go well. It’s challenging to set up a convenient location and establish habits around it.  But I’m determined to give it another try. But I won’t give up my search for sustainable garbage bags just yet.

Please share any ideas that you have.  I’m always up for doing as much as possible for our earth.

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