Holiday Cookies and Some Bests from Zest & Aplomb 2021

By Cheryl Ryan

I won’t be baking a ton this year but I have to do a little something so I’m looking for the best and easiest holiday cookie recipes. In addition I’ll be making these because they are so tasty and ridiculously simple!

And if you need to take a break from cooking, cleaning and wrapping here are a few popular posts from Zest & Aplomb during this past year.

Commentary Favs:

Do you have a pet peeve?

My husband tried to save a life.

I’m glad to be back in coffee shops.

Sleep – We All Want It. Some Get It. Many Don’t.

Are you keeping up with technology?


When creativity and friendship collide great tings can happen.

What Hangs On Your Walls Can Say A Lot About You


Pelvic Health

Crystal Resonance Therapy

Yoga Has Been A Lifesaver For Me

Get Rid Of Your Toxic Makeup

Neurogenic Tremoring

Could I Be A Germophobe Now?

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