I Tried Crystal Resonance Therapy; Here’s What Happened

By Gwen Dawkins

I am not very woo-woo

For example, it took me weeks before I was willing to say “Om” out loud in yoga class; I’ve never visited a mystic; nor do I make it a habit of perusing crystal shops. But, even as I type this, I know that I am a little woo-woo. I am open to alternative medicine for the simple reason that people have been around for 200,000 years, and “Modern Medicine” has only existed for about 200 years. Ancient medical systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been practiced for 5,000 and 3,000 years respectively, so there must be something to them.

Recently, I tried an alternative remedy that was new to me, Crystal Resonance Therapy, with energy practitioner Janna Bowman. Prior to my session, she sent me a thought-provoking intake form asking questions relating to how I interact with the earth, fire, water, wind, and storm elements. I was surprised to learn things like “organization skills” are related to the “earth element.” I came to the session intrigued. After lying down and covering my eyes, Janna stood over me, grasping my ankles. As soft music played, we both entered meditative states. Over the next hour or so, she intuitively placed stones and crystals on various parts of my body, based on the energy flow and stagnation she sensed. 

In my dreamlike state, I saw faces I didn’t know, felt an energetic swirling near my heart and abdomen, and experienced momentary dizziness. Emotions of fear and guilt surfaced, surprising and confusing me. All the while, Janna periodically held my ankles or touched me in ways that made me feel supported. 

Call it an oxymoron, but I consider myself an “open skeptic,” meaning, I’m open and curious, but often need evidence to be convinced. For me, Janna correctly picked up on things like my current “acidic emotions” and a need for an “attitude adjustment.” But the most interesting CRT takeaway was: despite never mentioning my arthritic knee pain, Janna kept holding my left knee. Weeks after my CRT, I realized I hadn’t thought much about my knee and the pain had noticeably lessened. Was the relief due to CRT and the elixir she gave me? Possibly! I also bought all of the crystals Janna recommended for me, some in the form of stones, some as jewelry –– my woo-woo score has definitely gone up a notch!

I asked Janna to explain the process:

What exactly are you doing?

Technically and scientifically, all healing is related to the law of physics. CRT, more specifically, is related to the law of resonance. I tune into your energy field as we do a guided visual process together. I tune into each elemental region (earth, fire, water, wind & storm,) and intuitively place crystals on and between the energy centers of the body.  I am doing a rhythmic heart-based breathing technique that amplifies the crystals’ resonance.  The crystals interact with the energy centers to encourage energy flow throughout the body.

Why are crystals such a big deal?

Humans have a long history with crystals. Worn for protection, health or even boiled into “pebble soup” by Native Americans when food sources were scarce. Minerals grow in the earth and make up a crystal grid all over our world. A crystal with iron embodies the same form of iron found in humans, animals and insects. This creates a unified field of connection to each other and our planet. Interestingly, quartz is used in ultrasound devices, watches and computer memory chips. So, mineral content aside, crystals are record keepers, teachers and helpers of the planetary transformation connecting us to our relationship to the earth, and our spirit beyond the limits of time in the physical sense.  They are a true representation of the relationship between spirit and matter. 

How do you suggest people incorporate CRT into their lives?

Humans are quite patterned and conditioned, so it takes a great deal of dedication to shift a pattern of energy permanently. CRT is for anyone wanting to change repeating life patterns, mentally, physically or spiritually.

What is stagnant energy and its side effects?

Stagnant energy occurs when a chakra has an imbalance. For example, an overactive or excess fire element chakra could cause rashes or digestive issues. The excess energy creates a blockage that may arise between the other energy centers below or above this one. Injuries and scar tissue can also create stagnant energy and I often find them in the joints.

How do you assess which crystals are needed?

It comes from a strictly intuitive ability. I’ve meditated with my crystals healing kit for over 1000 hours, so I’ve built a relationship with them and they communicate with me. I sense imbalances through trained and innate intuitive abilities paired with my relationship to the 5 elements to place crystals.  After I’ve charted the stones and crystals chosen in specific locations, such as hips, knees, throat, etc., I can interpret how the energy created a shift to my client’s energy flow.

Please explain a CRT session with and without charting.

The crystals tell a story and I always offer a verbal interpretation of our session afterward. When a client purchases a chart with a session they will get the content of what transpired in our session explained in a chart. It includes definitions of stones used in the session, their interactions and chemical properties. The information that comes through the charts helps the client understand the energy interactions and gives me data to build elixirs.

What do the elixirs do?

Elixirs are essences, similar to Bach Remedies, but I make them with the crystals or stones that had dynamic interactions in the client’s session. Taken three times a day, they fortify the desired energy interaction. Using the stones with meditation is also part of the plan.

You also offer CRT remotely, how does that work?

For remote sessions, I use a picture of my client and tap into their field remotely while they relax or meditate. My process is the same as in a live session. Depending on how kinesthetic, or in-tune, the client is with their energy determines what they feel on the receiving side. I have many testimonials for remote healing on my website as well as an explanation of why remote healing works in terms of physics. I have extensive Covid-19 protocols in place to keep my clients and me safe during in-person treatments. But my remote sessions have become more popular during this time as I can work with clients located anywhere.

Contact Janna Bowman to schedule a CRT session or one of her other self care or healing modalities. Find more information about Crystal Resonance Therapy at Crystalis Institute.

Photos courtesy of Janna Bowman.

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