How Are A Cold, The Flu And Covid Different? – And Other Cool Winter Thoughts

By Cheryl Ryan

Honestly, Covid Covid Covid that’s all we ever hear. But I got so sick during the holidays and it wasn’t Covid. Yet, my Christmas still got canceled. When my daughter started asking me about my symptoms she said “Oh that’s a cold”. I am telling you, whatever I had seemed like anything but a common cold. I was really miserable. But she may have been right. I didn’t have a really high fever and it took a few days to ramp up – I wasn’t even entirely sure I was sick for the first few days. Whereas apparently, the flu comes on fast and often has a higher fever and body aches.  

I’m better now but it got me thinking about the symptom differences between a cold, the flu and Covid. Many of you reading this probably already know the differences but I really didn’t. For many years I thought the flu involved throwing up but, in reality, it’s far more nuanced. So I thought I would share cold symptoms, flu symptoms, and now we have to add Covid symptoms into the mix because it has its own unique symptoms.

Winter Organizing

I won’t show you a picture of our garage.  Nobody wants to see that. But I can tell you it’s a disaster. Throughout the year, whenever we can’t find a place for something it lands in the garage. We usually pick up throughout the year but it’s never really organized.  My husband wants to install cabinets, which we did at our last house, but when you have all walls covered in cabinets can be limiting too. Let’s say you take up bike riding or kayaking (which won’t happen but you get my point) down the road. I like this idea of coming up with a detailed plan before just installing cabinets as a reaction to short-term gratification without considering future flexibility. 


I don’t have a lot here because when you’re sick food isn’t top of mind. But now that I’m feeling better, this one-pot pasta is a favorite.  I love the way this pumpkin puree thickens things up without any cream.  So good and so easy.


I’ve been on a winter boot and jean hunt. It seems that those ankle boots with a little V below the ankle are out. It may have happened last year while I was ignoring all fashion – because why? But this year I’ve been looking for winter clothes and stylish ankle boots are falling about 4 or 5 inches above the ankle. I’m obviously late on this trend because all the cute ones are gone in my size.  But I’m still a fan of these ridiculously comfortable ankle boots from last summer and I just settled on these (after returning several others that I purchased and sent back).

Jeans have been a much tougher go. Skinny jeans are out and they have been my go-to for years. It’s been very difficult to find anything that I like. I’ve bought several that just look weird on me. The trend seems to be a rather wide, short leg. I’m leaning towards some that are basically old school floods (about 3 inches above my ankle) but they do look kind of good with my new higher boots. Another thing I did was to take a pair of nice black pants that I’ve been meaning to hem and just made the hem about 4 inches higher than I originally intended. They are really short and actually look trendy with my new boots. Or at least I think so. I haven’t actually worn them out of the house yet.

Please let us all know if you’re finding any on-trend fashions that can help all of us take the guesswork out of it!

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