Got Milk? From Oat, Almond or Kefir You Can Find Your Match

By Cheryl Ryan

I  never understood how people could drink anything but real milk. By real milk, I mean cow’s milk.  While growing up my family always had at least a gallon of milk in the fridge and my Mom served a tall glass to each person at every meal.

When I met my husband he was drinking 2% which seemed really watery and weird at first but I adjusted and that became my normal.  My kids drank whole milk then switched to 2% as they got older, all except my son who refused to drink any kind of milk at any time.

But those days are long gone. Now I’m all in on the trendy non milk milk movement. The choices are plentiful – almond, soy, oat, hemp, kefir and a range of others.

I’ve settled on oat as my milk of choice. I go out of my way to go to the store that has my favorite brand. When I first tried it it seemed really watery and weird…sound familiar?  But now I love the taste. It’s a bit doughy and I love that it is sustainable in a way that cow’s milk can’t be. Hemp and coconut are supposed to be even better for the environment. I may give those a try as well. Another big plus is that it lasts way longer in the fridge than cow’s milk and can easily be used for cooking. You can even make it yourself if you’re a DIY type.

I’m definitely a creature of habit. Getting on board with oat milk is my latest habit and I like it.  My husband is still a cow’s milk and half and half in his coffee kind of guy. So there is a bit of carton jockeying going on in the fridge right now.  I might have to start slipping some oat milk into his carton and then maybe one day he’ll come over to the doughy side.

Have you tried any new trends or non milk milk we should know about?  

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