Even 2020 Had Some Bests

By Cheryl Ryan

What better day than  New Years to check what the best of 2020 had to offer.

NPR’s book list is a great interactive list and has pretty much everything except a lot of fiction which is what I’m craving after a long year of reality. But it also takes you back through the previous years’ top books.  Quite cool NPR. 

Here are the NY Times top fiction and nonfiction books from 2020.

If you’re interested in the top colors for 2021 here you go.

One of the good things from 2020 were some exceptional News Bloopers.

Because food in 2020 was top of mind here are some of the best recipes.

The best movie list of 2020 films.

There are several 100 best movies of all time lists. Here is this one and this one in case we ever get rain in California and need a marathon movie day or for our nightly pandemic ritual of ‘what the heck are we going to watch now’ kind of night.

Some albums came out this year.  The only one I knew about was Taylor Swift and it has brought me joy.

Here are some best Tik Toks if you’re interested.  I like the Pug taking a ‘small bite’ but have seen some better ones of grandparents dancing that didn’t show up on this list.

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