Thank You!

By Cheryl Ryan

Thanks for joining us here at Zest & Aplomb these last few months. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our wellness and lifestyle content as well as being as inspired as we are by the profiles and people we’re meeting. As we look forward we’re hoping to bring you even more contributors and diverse content. To those of you that participate in our posts, thank you we love that!

For our new blog subscribers, you may want to visit some of Gwen Dawkins’s early posts like this 90-year-old’s words of wisdom, some clever ways to calculate our own longevity, or check out Crystal Resonance Therapy, it’s been around a long time.

As for some of my older posts, we’re lucky to share dog care with my brother and sister-in-law but when they’re unavailable the search for quality dog care is real. If you’re looking to update your brow fashion here you go and if you missed my profile on Charlene Chavez you really should take a look because she is mega inspiring.

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