Cake, facials and some 4th Of July fun

By Cheryl Ryan

In case you missed it Wasabi wins big!!

While riding my Peloton, for the first time in weeks, the woman coaching the class reminded us to cherish our blessings.  Then she asked us whether or not we hang on tight to our blessings. After a long pause, she asked, “Or do you share them?” I love this so much. I had immediately gone to yes, of course, I need to hang on tight to my blessings but then realized how much better it would be if we all shared them. 

Did you know…that Sephora offers free hydrating facials with a $75 dollar purchase of products at participating locations? As anyone who has ever shopped at a Sephora knows you can drop $75 in a nanosecond which makes this a pretty sweet deal. You just let them know the type of products you’re interested in (I like natural products) and they’ll use those during your facial. It’s a great demo and exfoliating opportunity. 

And if you are pulling together your 4th of July party (because we can) here are some recipes. This flag cake and these salads all look delish.

Fleeting moments that make me happy: driving with my music cranked up high (there may be some bad singing involved), when a family of turkeys unexpectedly crosses the road and we all stop until they’re safely across, when I’m outside and a chance breeze demands my attention — reminding me to pause and breath it in.

What makes you happy?  I hope you have many happy, fleeting moments this week!

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  • Reply kelly July 1, 2021 at 3:42 pm

    Taking long walks with our cooperative dogs, key word cooperative. Being out in nature, seeing wild like, I love animals and sitting on the deck with a nice dinner and cocktail. Those are a couple things that make me happy. Happy 4th of July

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