What Do Powdery Mildew and Oatmeal Cookies Have In Common?

By Cheryl Ryan

First off, I’ve recently discovered a breakfast that tastes like a warm oatmeal cookie. It’s so simple. Before bringing the oats to a boil add 1/2 of a mashed banana, some maple syrup and a little salt. Then cook the oatmeal as you normally would. You can top it off with a few chopped walnuts and it tastes almost like an oatmeal cookie. I am loving it!

Fungus isn’t fun but finding a solution is. Powdery mildew is trying to ruin my indoor succulent garden and I’m not having it. I keep changing out my plants and removing the soil but the process starts over. What I’ve learned is that replacing the plants and soil isn’t going to solve my problem. I need to spray it with copper or a baking soda mixture and that should do the trick! I just bought a plant mister and will be giving this a try.


My new network TV recommendation is American Auto on NBC. The humor reminds me of The Office. The cast offers up inappropriate characters and silly scenarios along with deadpan humor. I just stumbled upon it one evening and it made me surprise laugh and who doesn’t love a good surprise laugh?

At the end of 2021, Spotify sent me a list of my most played music. It was basically Taylor Swift on repeat. I’m not going to lie, I was a little embarrassed by that. But it did make me realize that I need to branch out musically.

So this year I will be creating several new playlists. And if any are good I will share. I understand that what I think is good you may not agree with. And that’s ok. But please share yours because we just may find one or two songs from each other that we may never have heard otherwise. And just an FYI, I don’t think I can entirely leave Taylor off my list but I am limiting myself to only two of her songs.

And to answer the above question – there really aren’t any similarities between mildew and oatmeal cookies other than both being in this post.

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