March is Feeling Quite Springy This Year!

By Cheryl Ryan

Can you feel it? That feeling like the pandemic may actually be over. I know things might change, but I’m going to live in this moment for now. We have some exciting travel plans coming our way. We bought travel insurance feeling unsure that we’d be able to go, but it’s looking pretty good. I’m hearing from friends in the travel business that we won’t be the only ones hitting the road.

Those resilient small-town businesses are ready to come roaring back as well. But, unfortunately, some say it’s slower than they’d like. So to help them out local friends, you might want to check out these new and old businesses alike. First, stop by the Gali Tasting Room in Los Gatos. It is a beautifully renovated space to taste their award-winning wine flight and just relax. 

Right across the street from the tasting room is the newly opened Home store (I can’t find the website yet but it’s just a few doors from Icing on the Cake). I love the Amber Lewis inspired merchandise, especially the rugs and decorative decor pieces. And around that next corner is the Olde Manner. This business has been in Los Gatos for forty years. Mobina Nikanjam took the business over when her aunt retired during Covid. I would never have found this store if not for a friend who’s lived in Los Gatos for years. 

She found her MOG (Mother of the Groom) dress there and she directed me there after a futile dress search. And I found my MOG dress there too. If you have a special event coming up this year, it’s worth taking a look. And they can even order your preferred sleeve length for certain dress designs, if you’re willing to wait a few weeks.


Things to watch:

Inventing Anna and Tinder Swindler are both stories about con artists. Unfortunately, the takeaway for me is that they each received fairly insignificant sentences while leaving those they swindled saddled with the weight of their high-flying debt. It doesn’t seem right to me but both shows were definitely entertaining.

It’s wedding season and I think I’ve found the perfect wedding gift! Fellow hot water kettle is gorgeous and efficient for making pour over coffee or tea. I just purchased the black with wood handle one for myself and I am a fan.

And because you know I love funny commercials – this 10s of 10s of views just cracks me up every time I see it.


Here are some yummy recipes making good use of our in-season citrus. I’m making the lemon cake tonight!!

Orange chicken and this lemon cream cheese cake! They both look super yummy.

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