Friday Roundup

By Cheryl Ryan

For those of us in California the lack of rain brings drought concerns but wow has it been gorgeous. With all of the summer fires this year we barely got outside, much less hike, so I’m making the most of this weather.  Yesterday I hiked the Kennedy Trail and over the holidays my daughter and I did this amazing Point Reyes Hike to see the Tule Elk. So so beautiful. I’m trying to walk/hike as much as I can before the rain comes — because I’m still optimistic that it will come.

Every year for the past 20 years my husband stops drinking on Dec. 25th and goes through February or March.  Last year he started back up on the day of Covid lockdown and I can honestly say that we contributed to the soaring alcohol sales of 2020.  I’ve started to join him at the beginning of January, once I’ve made good use of all the remaining wine and See’s Candy laying about. 

It seems like more people are doing some version of dry January each year. If you are among them I’ve got some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for you. And our neighbor introduced us to some lovely non-alcoholic beers which I thought I wouldn’t like but they were really good and could be a nice break from drinking water and tea. And if you are more disciplined than us and don’t have to go through this annual ritual we’re all still eating, right? So here are some yummy weekend recipes I’m looking at. 

I’ve been busy cleaning that closet of mine and why did I take so long?  It feels so good. I love walking in there knowing where everything is and I’ve already donated four large garbage bags and counting.

Kennedy Trail

If you or someone you know qualifies and wants to get a vaccine here is a local vaccine appointment website.  Unfortunately, I can’t get it yet. The last time I wished I was older was when I changed my birth certificate to 21. So it’s definitely been a while!

It’s getting harder to find things to watch on TV but we’ve been liking David Letterman’s My Next Guest Need No IntroductionAnd that’s all I’ve got.  We really need some viewing advice.

Please share any great TV and if you have any local vaccine advice we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Reply gwendy79 January 19, 2021 at 8:04 am

    Umm, we need to hear the story about changing the date on your birth certificate! Blog post please!

    • Reply zestandplomb January 22, 2021 at 3:48 pm

      Haha! Ahh when things were done on paper. Now you’d have to be a hacker to pull off something like that 🙂

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